Tony Newton began his online journey the same time I did, way back in 1998.

His early days online were very lucrative.

While working as a SEO apprentice, he quickly learned how to develop and rank simple websites.

They were monetised by Google Adsense and earned the company he worked for multiple thousands of dollars each month.

Tony’s inventiveness went unrewarded.

However, at the same time, he also built websites of his own…

Making between $500 to $1,000 per day himself.

So, he quit his job…

And has worked for himself online ever since.

Tony also reveals how a chance encounter with another marketer led to him making over $45,000 with his first ever digital product…

And offers sage advice to help newcomers protect themselves in an unpredictable, ever-changing marketplace.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 10:


“I was doing $500 to $1,000 a day myself. I thought to myself, I can do this. So I quit. That was in 2004 and I’ve been working from home ever since then” – Tony Newton.

Tony Newton Reveals:

  • His early days as an SEO apprentice where he made $1,000 per day with Google Adsense… before his account got banned!
  • A chance encounter lead to being taken under a marketer’s wing… and formed a partnership which is still going strong 12 years later!
  • How he sold made $25,000 in sales of his first digital product… and then nearly doubled his money by selling the business for a further $20,000!
  • How Tony is able to create a brand new digital product every single month… and sell to his highly engaged and expectant buyers list!
  • Why a newcomer to online marketing should prioritise building an email list… and learning an online skill you can sell!
  • The danger of building a business solely on social media platforms… and why your own blog as a “central hub” will protect you against any worst case scenarios.
  • How Tony plans to exploit hot social media websites… and funnel an endless stream of free, targeted traffic to his own website.

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