I really enjoyed this episode with Martin Price…

Where we chatted about all things organic, social media marketing.

Martin began his online journey 10 years ago when he attended a conference in the UK.

The keynote speaker that day?

Russell Brunson.

But, it wasn’t until two years ago where he took it seriously.

He talks about providing online services to local businesses, which you may not think would be very lucrative.

His story about a deal worth £10,000 with a neighbourhood builder suggests otherwise!

Martin is also an affiliate marketer, has created his own range of digital products and is writing a book!

He’s not afraid to go against the grain when it comes to organic marketing either…

And reveals, among other insights, why engagement numbers are not that important.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 11:


“Our life is full of content if we just choose to make them stories” – Martin Price.

Martin Price Reveals:

  • Why Martin describes himself as a multi-potentialite… what one is and why you want to be one too!
  • How Martin uses Gary Vee’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” technique to make more offers to his audience… without coming across as desperate and salesy.
  • Why Martin remains subscribed to marketers he has no intention of buying from… and how he uses their campaigns as inspiration for his own.
  • Why you should use your daily life as a source of endless, entertaining social media content… rather than trying to give “value” to your audience.
  • Why Martin ditched thousands of friends on Facebook, saw his engagement numbers plummet… but ended up making more money!
  • Why it’s dangerous to delete “non engaged” friends on Facebook… you could be pouring thousands of dollars down the drain!
  • Why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the “high ticket” affiliate marketing basket… and what Martin suggests you do instead!

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