One video Jon Davis created attracted over 900,000 views on YouTube…

And he didn’t even show his face!

When Jon’s wife quit her job to focus on raising a family, they attempted a variety of side hustles.

Video wasn’t one of them.

Instead, think importing limited edition Japanese CDs…

Belly bars…

Football boots…

And all manner of other products sold on eBay and then Amazon arbitrage.

He later ventured into blogging and his foray into affiliate marketing on social media then opened the door to marketing on YouTube.

Actually, he only got into YouTube marketing, despite being hugely introverted, because nobody else in his coaching program was doing it.

It’s funny how these things work out.

Jon has now grown his channel to thousands of subscribers.

Ironically, his introverted nature lead to that certain video attracting almost one million views!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 12:


“In a weird way YouTube was probably like my skydive – the scariest thing that just didn’t seem to fit with what I should be doing. But, I knew if I could do it, I would gain so much out of it. You’ve just got to jump into some things” – Jon Davis.

Jon Davis Reveals:

  • The desire for an online “side hustle” which fitted in with family life… traipsing around charity shops and car boot sales on the weekend in search of a resellable “bargain” was not as attractive as it first seemed!
  • What you should REALLY focus on during your first six months as a blogger… and it has nothing to do with your blog’s name or fancy colours!
  • The unusual motivation he used to throw himself into YouTube marketing… and why he set himself a huge challenge to create 100 videos in as many days!
  • How to use “content buckets” to create videos consistently… and almost guarantee they will resonate with your subscribers!
  • The power of “long tail” keywords… and the obscure search term which lead to one of his videos attracting almost 900,000 views!
  • How to steal the thunder from other video creators… and outrank them in the search results so their audience watches your content instead!
  • Why what you SAY in your videos is so important… and can have a MASSIVE impact on how to make your content go viral!

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