Anybody wondering how to make money with high ticket affiliate marketing should listen to Gareth Knipe.

Like everybody else…

Gareth started in the industry at zero.

However, he was willing to put in the work until he became successful.

He leveraged a free affiliate program to build experience and credibility…

And then took a “risk” by starting in a high ticket program he could not comfortably afford.

Or, as Gareth puts it, rather:

He backed himself.

The “gamble” paid off.

Gareth made his first high ticket affiliate sale within seven days of joining the program…

And has gone on to make thousands of dollars online since!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 13:


“How badly do you want it? If you’re prepared to find a way, you’ll make a way” – Gareth Knipe.

Gareth Knipe Reveals:

  • The secret behind all of the free and low-cost content you find on the Internet… and why it’s not there to help you succeed!
  • How he accumulated prize money from free-to-enter affiliate competitions… and reinvested it into higher-priced training!
  • How he created his own credibility in the online marketing industry as a complete beginner… and was able to position himself above thousands of his peers!
  • How took a gamble to join a new program with money he didn’t have… and made his first high ticket sale within a week!
  • The best way to find highly targeted, red hot buyers on Facebook… and it doesn’t require paid advertising!
  • His two-step method to build know, like and trust among his new leads… hardly anybody in the industry is doing this!
  • How he writes content specifically for a lead who has a particular problem… and almost guarantees it will appear in their newsfeed for them to read!

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