Matt Richards has an incredible story to tell.

Once an undefeated, promising cage fighter, he fell into a spiral of drug addiction, mental health issues and £60,000 worth of debt.

He needed to turn his life around.

As he put it…

It was literally a matter of life or death.

The online marketing industry was the change he needed.

In under six years, he has:

Spoken on stage in front of 5,000 people…

Created a podcast which has been downloaded in over 35 countries…

And produced a best-selling course which has created numerous six figure earners and helped countless more quit their jobs to pursue a full-time income online.

Matt holds nothing back in this episode.

You do not want to miss this one!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 14:


“You’ve got to bang the drum long enough for people to listen” – Matt Richards.

Matt Richards Reveals:

  • How his addictive, competitive personality has been his greatest asset… but also his biggest downfall at times.
  • How he was hospitalised and needed a brain scan after his first Muay Thai fight… only to begin cage fighting just two months later with just one bout lasting longer than 70 seconds!
  • How he changed his environment and threw himself into work in a bid to turn his chaotic, drug-fuelled life around… which lead to an unfortunate misunderstanding about “dog meat!”
  • Why he moved away from affiliate marketing and network marketing… despite being good at it and selling over £15,000 worth of products in one month!
  • How he pushed through the difficulty of being a “beginner” coach… where nobody watched his videos, nobody read his blog posts and he struggled for new clients.
  • What separates hugely successful people online from those who are struggling… and it has nothing to do with results!
  • Why Matt believes anybody making less than £4,000 per month is using their social media account inefficiently… and why you shouldn’t look to “build relationships” online.

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