Ken Furukawa was a frustrated employee.

He came from a traditional marketing background and devised a cost-effective plan for his company.

Such was his confidence his strategy would work…

He declared his boss could fire him if it didn’t.

Despite this, he was never given the opportunity to put it to the test.

So, he quit.

Ken ventured into the world of online marketing…

And found his way to YouTube.

Initially, he was apprehensive about appearing on camera.

But, discovered the key to building a successful personal brand was to become the face of it.

Now, he runs a successful channel which attracts thousands of views every month…

And has also branched out into podcasting, co-hosting The Affiliate Files with a previous guest on the show, Garry Baker.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 15:


“When you work in the corporate world it’s so different. Whether you show up or don’t show up, you’re going to get paid. It doesn’t matter. Whereas, what we do, if you’re messing around, you’re not going to get paid. Your activity compounds” – Ken Furukawa.

Ken Furukawa Reveals:

  • How he tried to discourage competition from other Amazon sellers by targeting products with a higher unit price… but had to put the business to one side when Covid caused problems with deliveries.
  • Feeling undervalued in his corporate job which confirmed his decision to quit… and pursue a full-time career online instead!
  • The negative mentality of coaching students who are new to the online industry… who expect the big payday without putting in the work!
  • The real purpose of an online marketing coach… and it’s not to do the work for you!
  • His line in the sand moment where he vowed to make online marketing work for him… and never buy another info product again!
  • What he realised about marketing on YouTube which encouraged him to go all out… after initially being too nervous to show his face on camera!
  • What Ken enjoys most about podcasting… despite hoping his co-host would forget about the idea to begin with!

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