Manny Hanif needed a change of direction.

A successful marketer from the early noughties, he ran Facebook ads for clients.

The problem?

Sometimes the ads would get shut down.

Not for malicious reasons…

He was just at the mercy of the algorithm.

Or, an employee having a bad day with their finger hovering over the “cancel” button.

Manny grew tired of explaining over and over again who was behind the cancellation…

So, decided to go down the “organic” route instead.

No more approval process…

And no more wasted investment.

Just a potential social media audience of billions he could tap into at no cost.

Manny developed his own strategy to attract and close laser targeted leads…

And is able to do so with the consistency and predictability of paid advertising.

If you’re fed up of pouring money down the drain with your own ads, you will not want to miss this episode!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 16:


“Small changes can lead to big things” – Manny Hanif.

Manny Hanif Reveals:

  • How a well-placed Google ad lured him into the world of making money online… only for it to be the worst £50 he ever spent!
  • The time he set up a website around a prominent British boxer… and how he avoided being accused of cybersquatting!
  • His first sale on the Warrior Forum… where he was paid in PayPal “beer” money!
  • How Facebook went on a banning spree with paid ads… forcing him to ditch his agency and focus on organic traffic!
  • The three strategies he uses to make organic sales on Facebook consistently… and how you can use them too!
  • Why he likens messaging potential leads on social media to pro-wrestling… you’re always judged on your promo!
  • His “hybrid offer” strategy… which can transform low ticket customers into high ticket clients!

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