Like many affiliate marketers…

Mark McGarry has had his share of ups and downs.

Perhaps more so than most.

After deciding he needed a change in his lifestyle, he took up long distance running in his late 20s.

He was a natural…

And won every race he entered for three seasons straight!

He entered the network marketing industry…

To promote a product he felt would complement his active lifestyle.

However, it clashed with his introverted personality, so he made the switch to affiliate marketing.

He found this a struggle too…

Until he took on a mentor to help him avoid burning out.

Add a period of almost two-and-a-half years where marketing took a back seat to nursing his paraplegic dog back to health…

And you can see Mark’s online journey has been anything but a straightforward line from A to B.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 17:


“95 percent of people’s lives are a car crash most of the time but they’re afraid to admit it” – Mark McGarry

Mark McGarry Reveals:

  • How he left behind a chaotic, vice-fuelled lifestyle in his late 20s to take up long distance running… and won every race he entered for three seasons!
  • His struggles to introduce close friends and family to his network marketing company… made all the more difficult as a self-confessed introvert!
  • How he persisted with networking marketing despite constant rejection, animosity from people close to him and three-hour drives to endless hotel meetings… until his car broke down and he didn’t have the money to repair it!
  • How he made his first high ticket sale as an affiliate… moments away from boarding a plane to Arizona for an event the company he promoted was hosting!
  • How his affiliate marketing career took a backseat for two and half years… after nursing his paraplegic dog back to health and helping him to walk again!
  • His struggle with the workload required to breakthrough as an organic affiliate marketer on Facebook… and how he took on a mentor to help him avoid burnout completely.
  • Why creating your own offers is so important… and the difference between being a creator and a consumer.

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