Dave King is a born salesman.

He worked in advertising during the 1990s where £2,000 commissions and phonecalls with fashion designer Paul Smith were just another day at the office.

Fast forward a couple of decades and he’s now carving out a name for himself in the world of online marketing.

First as an affiliate and now a coach…

Dave draws upon his many years of experience to help other people become successful online.

He does the opposite of what many involved in the industry teach and do…

Such as not giving prospective customers the “hard sell”.

In fact, he makes it easy for people to say “no” to him!

Here, Dave reveals his softer, conversational approach to online marketing…

Which lowers a customer’s “buying defences” and keeps the high ticket sales rolling in.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 18:


“If I’m an affiliate marketer I still feel like I’m working for somebody. I turned 50 and the real calling for me was coaching. I enjoy the sales calls and I love coaching” – Dave King.

Dave King Reveals:

  • Why he gave up a lucrative sales job in London during the 1990s… where £2,000 commissions and phone calls with designer Paul Smith were the norm.
  • How a combination of turning 50-years-old, losing his mum and the global pandemic made him realise he needed to something with his life… and affiliate marketing was the answer.
  • While the “cold outreach” Messenger approach of a few years ago is no longer effective… and why he uses a “two date” method instead!
  • Why he never “enters somebody’s house” without being invited… and waits for a friend request to be accepted before sending a message!
  • How to encourage a defensive, struggling marketer who maintains they’re successful to open up and reveal the truth… in one casually delivered sentence!
  • Why a softer, conversational approach to marketing is more effective than ever… despite living in times of uncertainty where you would think more urgency is required.
  • How he lost faith in the high ticket program he was promoting… and made the transition to creating his own products and coaching.

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