Jimmy Scott Jr has taken social media by storm.

His videos have attracted over 80 million views in the past 18 months across multiple social media platforms.

The topic of his content?


Jimmy posts about food daily.

Delicious comfort food…

Weird food combos…

Or anything else which takes his fancy.

He began this journey to build an online brand…

And monetise the activities he enjoys.

In this episode, Jimmy reveals what it takes to become an influencer across multiple social media platforms.

If you ever wondered how to get a million views…

You will not want to miss this!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 19:


“I’m somebody that wants to be happy with how I’m making money. Not just make more money” – Jimmy Scott Jr

Jimmy Scott Jr Reveals:

  • Why he left his “crippling” role as a surgical technician after almost 20 high-pressure years in the operating theatre… to pursue his dream of building a successful online brand!
  • How he came to the realisation that what he enjoyed doing on his days off could be monetised… and how social media would be the perfect platform to showcase it!
  • His long-term vision to brand himself around food and restaurants… while those around him could only see he “wasn’t getting paid!”
  • Why success is more about mindset than steps… because if it was just about “steps”, then anybody could do it!
  • His top tip for any budding food influencer concerned about the expense involved to eat… to get the best social media worthy restaurant meals for free!
  • Why he doesn’t listen to advice about not putting the same content on multiple platforms… and why some videos blow up on certain platforms while it’s crickets on others!
  • The “science experiment” which gave him his first video to exceed one million views… and the platform he uploaded it to!

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