My guest today is Chris Delaney, an International DJ, who spent the past decade working in the United Arab Emirates.

When Covid struck in 2020, the hospitality and club scene came to a grinding halt and with no income, he returned to the UK.

Internet marketing as an alternative became a priority but was not without it’s problems.

After investing $4,000 and seeing little return, as well as a huge misplace of trust which saw him lose an important online payment processor, things started to change for the better.

He is now seeing success in the online gaming industry, has made thousands of dollars and looks set to scale this into a full-time business.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Two:


“I understand the professionalism of what you have do in 99% of jobs, but I just felt that life can’t be this boring. It was just not me” – Chris Delaney.

Chris Delaney Reveals:

  • How he found himself $4,000 in the red after chasing the affiliate marketing dream.
  • The devastating mistaken trust which lead to him having his PayPal account shut down… and threatened with arrest
  • The method he used to make $6,500 so far from online gaming… without the headaches of delivery, stock, or “missing” parcels.
  • How one of his students sold a game and made a profit… in just three minutes!
  • The type of games he sells effortlessly all day long… and it’s not what you think!
  • His plans to double his income month on month… and turn this into a lucrative, full time venture within a year.
  • How anybody can get started with their own online gaming business… for just a few dollars.

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