20 episodes in…

I decided to rebrand the show!

It was never my intention to limit the show’s content to that based around the online marketing industry…

And so a new name brings with it a new direction.

Welcome… to Engage with David Walker!

Now, I truly feel this can be “my show”…

Where I have the freedom to talk to whoever I want, about whatever will make for interesting content for my audience.

In this short episode, I discuss some of my reasons for the rebrand…

And plans for the future!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 20:


“If I limit myself to just speaking to online marketers then the show ultimately isn’t going to grow” – David Walker.

David Walker Reveals:

  • Why it took creating 19 episodes of the show to realise what he wanted out of it… and his approach to content creation going forward.
  • How he never intended the show to be limited to discussing online marketing content… despite its original name of Internet Marketing Revealed!
  • His original vision for the show as a “Saturday Kitchen” for the online marketing industry… but soon discovered this format was too restrictive!
  • Why he wants to move away from the show being seen as Internet Marketing content… despite having over 20 years experience in the industry!
  • How he will feature guests from the online marketing industry on the show… and plans to give his one-to-one clients a platform to showcase themselves!
  • Why the rebrand will help attract a more diverse range of guests… eliminating the need to try to “invent” a marketing angle for their appearance to “make sense!”
  • His thoughts on why only 21% of podcasts are active… and why guests from different industries will be vital to the growth of the show!

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