7 Ways to Spot a Failing Marketer on Social Media

Online marketing can be very easy… It's marketers who make it difficult. Here are seven traits of failing marketers I've noticed these past few months on social media. Avoid them religiously unless you

Damnit Billy! You Had One Job!

Ever think about how minor mistakes can have disastrous consequences? Take knowing the difference between your left and right for example. Get them mixed up and the worst that usually happens is

My Latest Job Offer is Enough to Make You Weep

I had an email yesterday. It was from Glassdoor - a large job search and workplace review website here in the UK. I haven't been actively seeking employment so was genuinely intrigued. "You

Do You Think I’m Made of Money?

It's a phrase I heard often as a child… Uttered by my father, who was born during the middle of World War II and grew up during a poverty-stricken era in

Eat, Sleep, Post, Repeat

Let's kick things up a notch this Monday… The Fatboy Slim track "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat" should do nicely. Not heard it before? It's typical Fatboy fare – repetitive, skull-pounding electro house. I don't