Mandy Made Over $1,000 In Just 7 Days!

This is Mandy. A busy grandmother-of-eight from the UK. In the past seven days, she's found time in-between changing nappies and baby-sitting duties to make $1,079.22 in commissions promoting The Walker Way… My

Scott Will Never Forget His First Time

Meet Scott. He's from Leeds, in the UK. As a Cardiff City supporter, I'm prepared to let that slide. Football rivalries aside, Scott has played an important part in the blossoming history of

Why This $45 Sale Is My Biggest of the Year

Yeah, I get it. It's only $45. Those "high ticket" types you see posting mAsSiVe VaLuE all over your newsfeed would have you believe they wouldn't get out of bed for such

Small Numbers Can Lead To Big Results

59 views. That's all my live video attracted just over a week ago. Yet, it brought in over $1,000 worth of sales. Despite what you're lead to believe, you don't need all the

Your Account Is At Risk of Suspension If You Do This!

I had a couple of interesting, yet concerning, chats last week. Two different friends on this platform. Both of whom had their accounts suspended. Briefly. The common denominator? Automated software. The type which adds friends… Removes them… And

The Walker Way Off To A Flying Start!

What a few days it's been!​​I rolled out my brand new organic marketing training program, The Walker Way…​And it generated over $1,000 within 24 hours.​Plus, the very first affiliate sale

The Solution to Zero-Income Affiliate Burnout

Sad news. I heard recently a "high ticket affiliate" friend of mine has seemingly quit the industry… Going as far as deactivating their account on this platform. Disappointing. But, it doesn't surprise me. The burnout