Wow! Garry Made $2,700… Doing Nothing!

Any marketers struggling to make their first sale… After spending hundreds of hours posting endless VaLuE to the newsfeed and enduring countless wasted Messenger conversations which did not lead to any

I Just Crossed $10,000 In One Month!

Imagine the scene: A new, organic marketing training program was created… Solving the biggest problems faced by marketers who use social media but struggle to generate leads and make sales. It was opened

Three Sales In Three Days For Brian!

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Six Sales in Four Hours For Philip!

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Let’s Hear It For Tony Ten Sales!

A round of applause for Monday. Tony, who I wrote about last week after making seven sales of The Walker Way in just five days… Made a few more bringing his total

Tony Made Seven Sales In Just Five Days!

Here's Tony. A marketer from the UK who I've been aware of for the past decade… Although we only connected on this platform towards the end of last year. Recently, Tony became involved