Gary Sorensen waited a long time to experience affiliate marketing success:

Eight years.

He’d been involved in different programs…

Across different industries.

But, the result was the same…Money invested with no return.

That was until he stumbled on one particular opportunity by accident.

In fact, somebody spammed his Messenger inbox!

However, this was the turning point he’d waited almost a decade for…

And finally made money from his online efforts.

Gary discusses his journey in this episode…

Sharing his best affiliate marketing success tips for you to use too!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 22:


“Relationships are more important than sales. The sales will come, but you have to have a relationship with the people” – Gary Sorensen.

Gary Sorensen Reveals:

  • The mantra he learned through his lean years online… and how it helped him to keep learning and pushing through.
  • Why he values a $5 sale… and how it spurs him on to closing sales worth $50, $100, or $500 and higher!
  • The moment he realised he needed to change his approach to email marketing… after finding himself on both sides of spamming offers!
  • Why his first entry into high ticket affiliate marketing left him feeling like a used car salesman… and why he doesn’t enjoy an aggressive approach to marketing.
  • His struggle with email marketing… where his subscribers were only responsive to offers worth a few dollars.
  • How he found his current opportunity by accident… after being spammed but joined the program under somebody else!
  • Why being authentic can lead to more online sales opportunities… and how quickly potential customers will respond!

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