Jon Walker has loved wrestling ever since he was a child.

Although, he never took it up himself until adulthood.

A slightly drunken conversation at a WWE live show lead to a six year wrestling journey.

Persona changes…

Titles won…

And even running a series of sell-out shows!

In this episode, Jon discusses life at the sharp-end of the South Wales wrestling scene.

Appearing on the same card as ex-WWE and AEW superstar Cody Rhodes on his debut…

Defeating ex-NXT UK wrestler Joseph Conners…

And falling out of love with the business before coming back more successful than ever!

If you ever wondered how to become a pro wrestler…

You will not want to miss this!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 21:


“I’m going to give this a go. If I can figure out how to give it a go… I’m going to give it a go” – Jon Walker.

Jon Walker Reveals:

  • The match at SummerSlam 1991 which made him fall in love with wrestling… and it wasn’t the Main Event which featured legends Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior!
  • The moment he decided to take up wrestling while attending a WWE Live show… where a seemingly bored pair of Uso’s inspired him to step into the squared circle himself!
  • Why he regretted his Jonny Narcissist character being a crowd-displeasing heel… and the reasons why a fan-favourite babyface is a much easier role to play!
  • How being stood next to the promoter during a time of crucial decision making handed him his first match… on the same card as ex-AEW TNT champion Cody Rhodes!
  • How he was selected by chance yet again as his current, masked Necrofago character… this time to face, and beat, former NXT UK wrestler Joseph Conners!
  • The numerous challenges he faced when setting up his Slam Masters Wrestling promotion… such as not having a ring to perform in!
  • Who is top of his “wish list” to appear on a future show… this former WWE Intercontinental champion is arguably the hottest wrestler on the indie circuit right now!

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