Phil Tomasso was a runner-up on the recent Food Network show fronted by Guy Fieri, “Chance of a Lifetime”.

He competed against five other contestants to win a Chicken Guy franchise of his own – worth approximately $1.5 million.

Initially portrayed as a “fish out of water”, Phil soon established himself as one of the stronger hopefuls for the grand prize.

His food was rated the best by the judges…

And who could forget his performance as “Chicken Guy Phil”, where he stood out among extroverted opposition?

Phil talks candidly about his time on the show…

Lifting the lid on what “really” goes on in between filming…

And why he didn’t need the first prize to feel like a winner.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 25:


“Anybody can do anything they put their mind to” – Phil Tomasso.

Phil Tomasso Reveals:

  • Being branded a “loser” by his High School careers advisor and failing college after one year… only to later return and graduate with a 3.85 GPA!
  • His entrepreneurial side during his youth which saw him sell lemonade, baseball and Pokémon cards to his school friends… and also tickets for his own lottery at just eight years old!
  • How the country went into lockdown just two weeks after opening his bakery… yet went on to do 100% more business than its previous owner!
  • How show judge Christian Petroni encouraged him to “lighten up” and “come out of his shell”… and the result was “Chicken Guy Phil!”
  • The text message he received from his day job during filming… threatening him with the sack if he didn’t return home and work his shift.
  • The reason why his food in the final challenge earned the biggest score from the judges… but received the lowest score from the customers!
  • The REAL reason he gave Guy Fieri his first responder coin… which was cut from the final edit!

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