Elliott Dugan is a professional footballer, currently playing for Portadown in the Northern Ireland Premiership.

After being released at 18 by Swindon Town…

He has travelled across Europe to forge a career in the professional game.

The fourth tier of Swedish football was his first port of call…

Before scoring goals for fun in both the fourth and third divisions in Cyprus.

All while COVID raged across the planet, causing all sorts of havoc to his training and playing schedule.

He returned to the UK in January and at the age of 21, reveals what it really takes for a young footballer to make the grade in a ruthless industry.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 26:


“The only reason I play football is to score” – Elliott Dugan.

Elliott Dugan Reveals:

  • How he played football from morning until night as a youngster and aspired to be Gareth Bale… even going as far to sport the same hairstyle!
  • Lots of good feedback first year of scholarship, change of coach in the second year, glandular fever… which lead to his release at the age of 18.
  • Why he chose to play in the fourth tier of Swedish football, complete with hellish nine-hour bus journeys to games… rather than get experience in England’s non-league.
  • How he found himself working for the Royal Mail when COVID restrictions saw competitive football put on hiatus… which made him rediscover his love for the game even more!
  • Sending hundreds of messages to professional football clubs via LinkedIn… and receiving his first replies in a matter of a few days!
  • How he rediscovered his scoring touch for Cypriot team Akrotiri with 26 goals… despite COVID playing havoc with the fixture list and training sessions!
  • The best goal he ever scored during his time at Erimis… with no evidence as the in-game video camera failed to record it!

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