Blake Fontana is an online entrepreneur from Chicago.

While working in his family diamond retail business, he decided he didn’t want to follow the path of his parents…

Working long hours and tied to a single location.

So, he looked for opportunities online.

His journey led him to Facebook…

Where he connected with fellow entrepreneurs and introduced them to high ticket affiliate marketing.

Blake became very successful…

Very quickly.

In the past two years he has generated over $500,000 by marketing on Facebook…

And hasn’t spent one cent on advertising!

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“I saw how many hours a week my dad was working and stuck in that store. I didn’t see him as much as kid because of that. For me, in my future, I wanted to have more control over how I was able to live my life, spend my time and not really be strapped to a location” – Blake Fontana.

Blake Fontana Reveals:

  • How working in his family’s diamond business gave him the perfect introduction to “high ticket sales”… even if he had no desire to take it over from his parents full-time!
  • How he spent $2,500 on confetti balloons as he entered the world of Amazon FBA… only for the marketplace to become highly competitive and no longer feasible!
  • His desire to start blogging and make money promoting affiliate products… only to be discouraged from doing so by one of the most successful bloggers in the industry!
  • Why it is vital to believe in the program you are promoting as an affiliate… and not just view it as an income opportunity!
  • Why you should focus your attention on a group of three to five potential customers to make your first sale… and use this as your competitive advantage against bigger, more successful affiliates!
  • The reason why marketers who rely on organic methods feel overwhelmed… and how gamifying two or three key activities each day will improve your productivity and increase results!
  • How he reacted to having his Facebook account closed down… and how you can protect yourself against this worst case scenario!

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