Beers X Beatdowns, comprising Brewski Blanch and “Dangerous” Danny Owens, are a well-known tag-team on the South Wales wrestling scene.

Between them, they have almost 40 years of in-ring experience…

And arguably the best “bromance” in the business!

In todays episode, they not only talk about how BXB was formed…

But also preview their Pro Wrestling Karnage show: “Krash Bang Karnage” which takes place Saturday 23 April!

The main event sees Mark Daniels challenge Caiman for the heavyweight title.

Blanch defends his Outbreak title against Kenny Mantra.

There are debuts for Sam Best and TJ Skye.

Plus James Ellis, “Darling” Darcy Dekill, Necrofago and more!

They also preview a very special show taking place on Saturday 4 June: “All For Ollie”…

Raising awareness and much-needed funds for a little boy currently awaiting a heart transplant.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 28:


“We like to entertain but if it means getting the kids to hate us at the beginning of the show, then that’s what we’ll do” – Brewski Blanch.

“I prefer being a heel. Ask my exes. They probably don’t like me as a person. It’s easier to get people to hate me than it is to like me” – Dangerous Danny Owens.

Beers X Beatdowns Reveal:

  • How the duo had known each other in the wrestling scene for almost 20 years without ever being close friends… until a chance meeting in a hospital waiting room in 2019 laid the foundations for their tag-team!
  • How Blanch made his debut at a live wrestling show… just six days after a single two-hour training session!

  • Their only interaction during their early wrestling days… with Blanch managing now-Welsh Wrestling favourite Titan in a match against Danny!
  • The story behind the notorious “Hair vs Hair” charity match, where Blanch managed Tyson T-Bone to defeat against Caiman… with a special guest appearance from former WWE tag-team champion Eugene!
  • The promotional vignettes which secured them a series of advanced bookings… before they revealed their identities to the wrestling public!
  • The “lost art” of working with the crowd… which ensures the duo don’t have to take as many bumps and help them enjoy longer careers!
  • Why Danny wants his Pro Wrestling Karnage promotion to become so successful he doesn’t have to appear it any more… and why he wants it to be used as a “conveyer belt” for upcoming local talent!

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