Steve Mellor is an online entrepreneur from the United Kingdom.

He describes himself as a writer, film maker, photographer…

And now, podcaster.

He got involved with a murder mystery podcast during the first lockdown…

Which paved the way for his latest project:

“Murdering a Podcast”.

In this episode he discusses why podcasting is a better route for entrepreneurs than blogging or YouTube…

And also how he’s helping other budding podcasters create their own successful show with his Podcast Advantage course!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 29:


“There’s only two million podcasts. It’s a very easy route to market. It’s a lot less technical than doing video. You can get started making a podcast for about £30” – Steve Mellor.

Steve Mellor Reveals:

  • The advice given to him by a stand-up comedian… after handing the comic a list of potential jokes he’d missed during his set!
  • How his team narrowly avoided signing an expensive studio contract where they planned to host and record a live murder mystery podcast… just two weeks before Covid shut down the world!
  • How he used his experience of the performing arts industry to secure National Lottery funding for his podcast… which ensured everybody got paid for the work they put in!
  • Why he fancies his chances of success with a podcast against two million others… compared to 50 million YouTube channels and 500 million blogs!
  • Why you should treat your podcast like a publisher and not the platform… and ensure you make it as easy as possible for people to support you!
  • Why he intends to widen the scope of “Murdering a Podcast”… to also include interviews with actors, writers, directors and producers in the industry!
  • How he’s helping other budding podcasters from the idea phase right through to launch… with his “Podcast Advantage” training product!

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