Can you imagine being stuck in a Quarantine Facility?

Away from your child…

Counting down the days and wracking your brain trying to find a solution to look after your family in case the worst happens?

That was the situation Vijay Honkhande found himself in last year.

Like every beginner trying to make money on the Internet, he went down several wrong paths.

He wasted around $7,000 on an ill-fated “done for you” affiliate marketing program…

And a further $3,000 on solo ad traffic which yielded very little in return.

It wasn’t until he came across a Facebook post which laid out a real plan, backed up by a real mentor, where things started to change for the better.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Three:


“It is just about helping them now. Money is a byproduct when you work with people and when you overdeliver to them. That mindset is awesome!” – Vijay Honkhande

Vijay Honkhande Reveals:

  • How he spent thousands of dollars on “done for you” affiliate opportunities and solo ad traffic… without getting any return on investment.
  • How he not only lost his money… but also money belonging to his friend to a dodgy cryptocurrency scheme!
  • The difficulty you will have marketing products… when you don’t believe in them.
  • Why he adopts a “helping people first” approach to his marketing… viewing money as a byproduct and attracting more qualified prospects in the process.
  • The most common mistake people make when they get started with organic Facebook marketing… and how it can lead to an extremely negative mindset.
  • Why you don’t need to be a “guru” to help others succeed… being just a few steps ahead can be more than enough.
  • How using software to assist with organic Facebook marketing has helped him only connect with his “dream customers”… and get even better results.

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