Brian Holstein is a professional boxer from Columbus, Ohio.

He has fought at four different weight classes and is a former Ohio State Cruiserweight champion.

Having been knocked out just once in his career, he considers himself to be the “litmus test”…

As in, if a trainer wants to know how good their boxer is, put him toe-to-toe with “The Bull!”

However, Brian faced a different kind of fight in October 2021…

When he was diagnosed with leukaemia following some irregularities during a routine medical ahead of a bout against Frederic Julan.

Fortunately, Brian made a swift recovery and is looking to make a return to boxing…

This time of the bare knuckle variety!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 30:


“I made my name across the boxing world as the “litmus test”. If you want to know how good your guy is, you put him in with “The Bull”… and you’ll find out real quick” – Brian Holstein.

Brian Holstein Reveals:

  • How he was a “straight A” student with no fighting background… until a break up and growing tired of being taken advantage of meant he needed a place to vent!
  • His first taste of boxing in a local “tough man” competition… where he beat two fighters before getting knocked out in the final, pocketing $500 for his trouble!
  • How he was annoyed by his chosen ring attire for his first professional fight – pink trunks and gold shoes… which lead to him knocking out his opponent inside 11 seconds!
  • “Forgetting how to fight” during his televised match against an undefeated Trevor McCumby… which lead to is first and only knockout defeat!
  • How he made weight at the last minute to take on a heavyweight whose opponent no-showed… by stuffing a chunk of asphalt into his belt line!
  • Being rejected to fight the UK’s Tommy Fury, younger brother of WBC Heavyweight champion Tyson, in Trillerverz II… for being deemed “too tough of an opponent!”
  • How his leukaemia was discovered during a medical one week before his fight against Frederic Julan… with a white blood cell count which had his oncologist questioning how he wasn’t already dead!

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