Beefy Blake is officially the world’s number one sports fan.

In 1997, he had an idea…

To travel the world for an entire year, watching as many sports as possible.

365 Days of Sport.

He didn’t tell anyone about it for a long time…

Fearing somebody else would do it before he did.

But, after three years of solid planning, in 2015 it became a reality.

Beefy enjoyed Formula One in Dubai, the Tour de France and also watched his home nation, Wales, reach the semi-finals of Euro 2016.

After a lot of back and forth with Guinness it became official:

306 different sports in 365 days…

Crowning Beefy the number one sports fan in the world!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode 31:


“If you get opportunities then bloody well take them!” – Beefy Blake.

Beefy Blake Reveals:

  • Playing against the late, great Shane Warne on his senior cricket debut for Newport… and installing his tennis court in Melbourne years later!
  • Featuring for Sheffield Hallam University against Sheffield University in his one and only game of rugby league… a curtain raiser for Sheffield Eagles vs Australia held at Don Valley Stadium!
  • How being denied the opportunity to play American Football in Denton, Texas led to playing for the local rugby team… and enabled him to get around the country’s strict alcohol laws!
  • How he thought up the original idea of “365 days of sport, 365 days of beer” in 1997… and why he didn’t tell anybody about it for 13 years!
  • Inexplicably landing a meeting with Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo while attending the F1 in Abu Dhabi… with the driver hailing it the best interview he’d done that year!
  • Jousting being the most violent of the 306 sports he watched… with it also scoring highest on his “Chance of Death” rating!
  • Watching Wales in their agonising semi-final defeat against Portugal in the semi-finals of 2016… and missing out on appearing in Jonny Owen’s documentary about their run in the tournament!

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