While enjoying a lone break in Australia, Benjamin Poulter made a decision:

To quit his job and make money online.

During his youth, he travelled the world as an apprentice electrician.

Taking in the likes of Miami, Amsterdam, Singapore and Japan, partying with backpackers in his plush hotel and eating the finest food on his employer’s dime.

But, nothing lasts forever.

After returning home to work in the UK and spending almost 20 years doing the same job, something had to change.

It was then he looked to the Internet for an alternative and went down the path of affiliate marketing and podcasting.

Benjamin has a great story to tell.

If you have aspirations of your own to quit your job and make money online, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Four:


“You’re building a business. You’re not doing it for a quick win. You might get a quick win here, a quick win there, but it’s not going to last. You want to build a reputation. Build a brand. Build a business” – Benjamin Poulter.

Benjamin Poulter Reveals:

  • His short-lived experience as a Forex trader where he made a £2,000 profit… but lost it just as quickly!
  • Why you should never be put off listing a popular product on Amazon… even if a hundred other sellers are offering the same thing.
  • How he believed he was going to become a Blu-Tac millionaire… only to become unstuck in this area of Amazon business.
  • The importance of the shift away from a ‘quick win’ mindset… to building a long-term online business.
  • How he leveraged the knowledge of other members in a Facebook group… to expedite his own success as a high-ticket affiliate marketer.
  • Why after publishing almost 50 episodes of his podcast as a solo presenter… he changed the format to interviewing guests on a similar journey to himself.
  • How he plans to make the transition from podcast host… to an accomplished speaker on stage inspiring potentially thousands of other people!

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