I watched a documentary on National Geographic some time ago.

Well, I say a “documentary”…

It was about how to fight back if visiting aliens turned out to be hostile.

Which, if Hollywood has taught us anything, they almost certainly are.

Even if the aliens never show their grey, bug-eyed faces and choose to keep their clammy, probing fingers to themselves…

You can still use these retaliation tactics to win the online marketing battle you’re fighting right now.


After the combined efforts of the world’s army, navy and air forces were wiped out, all that’s left are pockets of surviving resistance fighters.

Compared to what the aliens have, their numbers are few and weapons primitive…

But, the resistance can deliver lots of little blows which can be more effective than one knockout punch.

As a marketer, you can’t rely on one huge, bank-busting product launch…

Or hope that a single customer will end all your financial woes.

Instead, daily action will lead to consistent sales.


Another advantage of lots of small attacks is they keep the war going.

Fresh intelligence can be gathered.

What are the enemy’s weaknesses?

How can our next attack be better?

Through consistent marketing, surveying and daily sales…

You will discover what your customers really want from you.


The documentary predicted the planet’s most powerful nuclear warhead would barely scratch the paintwork on an invading alien spacecraft.

Enter the low-tech solution.

All the resistance had were a few sticks of dynamite…

Which they strapped to the trees the aliens were harvesting.

Once the booby trapped timber was beamed up inside the flying saucer…


The “organic” approach to lead generation and sales is about as low-tech as it gets these days.

However, just like the explosives strapped to a tree…

A well-written post infiltrates the feed, gets right in the face of your audience and is impossible to ignore.


The resistance won by sending teams of “suicide bombers” into the hovering spacecraft by floating them up via latex balloons – apparently undetectable by radar.

Low-tech and all about the numbers.

Orchestrated balloon-suicide attacks took place simultaneously around the world…

Sending spacecraft across the continents crashing to the ground.

As an online marketer, a single post is not enough…

Neither is one interaction with one potential customer.

You need to get your message out there every single day.

Until people start to listen.


The goal of the balloon attacks was not to wipe out the aliens in their entirety.

It was to frighten them and encouraging those who remained want to pack up and leave.

Adopt the same attitude as an online marketer.

You’re never going to be the last man or woman standing.

But, if you use these “guerrilla” tactics daily, your business will grow while the majority who aren’t will eventually fail and move onto something else.

One low-tech, asymetric weapon of mass-instruction which will help you win your own marketing battle is to work with me personally.

Together, we will:

  • Strategise on effective organic marketing campaigns with military precision.
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No Morse code required here…

A simple DM will do if you want more info.

Keep fighting, soldier!