Christian Westphal is a veteran of the tourism industry and spent many years running hotels in Europe.

Large hotels. Small hotels. Plush hotels. Conference hotels. Christian ran them all.

However, Covid brought his career in tourism to an end in 2020.

He was made redundant and needed an alternative.


He found Internet marketing and now focuses on attracting new leads and customers organically through social media.

His years of face-to-face networking and telephone sales have proved to be invaluable as he made the transition online.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Five:


“You need to put the work in, effort and be consistent otherwise it’s not going to happen” – Christian Westphal.

Christian Westphal Reveals:

  • How his background in telephone sales made for an easy transition into the online marketing world.
  • Why he opted for affiliate marketing after being made redundant from his job in the cruise industry after Covid struck.
  • The roadblocks in getting visitors to his own travel website… and not making a single sale!
  • How getting involved with a High Ticket program changed his mindset around affiliate marketing.
  • Why Christian has no fear in getting on a sales call… he actually finds it easy!
  • The reason Christian chose Facebook as his traffic source of choice… rather than trying to master multiple platforms.
  • Christian’s unorthodox response to marketers desperate to uncover his “pain points” in the Messenger.

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