I’ve been re-reading the Street Smart Email System by Ben Settle recently.​

He was a major influence on how I used to write emails back in the day…

And even though the course is now a decade old, a lot of the principles are super-effective for organic marketing today.

Here’s five you can use right now

​1. Don’t Hard Teach

I say this a lot in my own coaching and live trainings. If you’re unfamiliar, this is what I mean:​

Don’t take part of a book, video or course and then regurgitate it into some kind of “how to” teaching lesson.​

People don’t value it. At all.

(The irony is not lost here which is why I full expect any advice in this post to go completely ignored!)

2. Post Daily

Self explanatory.​

Yeah. I need to work on this one myself.​

3. Change Things Up

Post different types of content to stop your audience from getting bored.

Perhaps do a list post one day, a personal post where something funny happened to you the next and then a curiosity post the day after that.​

If all you’re posting is motivational quotes or wishing everyone a “Good Morning” each day then people will soon realise you have nothing to offer.

4. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Accept not every post you make is going to hit the sweet spot…​

But posting something is always better than posting nothing.​

Also, you’re unlikely to get any better results from a post you knock out in 15 minutes compared to one you spend all day tweaking before finally publishing it.

5. Always Plug Something

You can’t just slap a link in a Facebook post like you can an email, as it will limit your reach.

(They don’t want people to leave the platform!)

But, you can add a call to action at the end…​

Like, if you’re not getting results from your organic marketing efforts here on The Book, then Uncle David can help. ​

You know where I am.