In June, I earned just over $10,000 with my Walker Way training program.

Over $30,000 in product sales were made…

With a third of that figure being my share after all my affiliates were paid.

So, how about some real “value” to kick start the new month?

Here are five things I learned after making five figures with a “low ticket” offer, without spending a penny on advertising.

1. A Good Product WILL Sell

An almost “throwaway” line from one of Ben Settle’s emails really stuck with me.

He argued the most important thing when it comes to making more sales is:

A good product from a trusted source at a reasonable price.


These are the foundations my program have been built on and it’s no surprise marketers bought it…

Got a lot out of it…

And promoted it, even if they are able to earn larger commissions elsewhere.

2. Affiliates LOVE Passive, Second Tier Commissions

Affiliates love money.


But, what they love even MORE…

Is “free” money.

I knew I was onto a winner when I added a two-tier affiliate program to The Walker Way.

In short, my affiliates earn a commission every time they make a sale…

And get paid AGAIN every time their customers make one of their own.

The second tier commissions create curiosity.


And offers my affiliates an opportunity to make money on any given day even if they haven’t made a sale themselves.

3. Success Can Happen VERY Quickly

My rollout of the The Walker Way was about as low-key as it gets.

I published a few posts prior to launch day on 6 May…

Which lead to just me, on a FB live, talking about the program with a beer in my hand.

I had no JV partners or affiliates…

And made five sales.

However, word of mouth and an appetite by marketers to promote a genuine product, fuelled by the promise of two tier commissions, meant that in June…

I made 150 sales.

Whether I can beat that in July remains to be seen…

But, I’m approving new customers-turned-affiliates daily as the program continues to gather momentum.

4. Income Proof is Valued Above EVERYTHING Else

If you’re an affiliate who isn’t making any sales with organic, social media marketing…

You’re probably not sharing enough income proof.

Like it or not, prospective customers value this above everything else.

Those 800-word VaLuE bOmBs you keep dropping which never generate leads?

Your audience couldn’t care less.

I’ve been leveraging my sales and those made by my customers in my content these past couple of months.

The posts stand out, they’re quick to write and every time I publish…

New leads approach me in the Messenger.


This proof in action opens doors.

A few weeks ago I’d never even heard of the guy one of my customers introduced to me.

This “stranger” quickly became my top affiliate, selling almost 80 copies of my program.

His results attracted the attention of several other super affiliates who have expressed an interest in promoting to their audiences.

This is REAL attraction marketing.

I believe it’s only a matter of time before many of the whales in the industry get their piece of the action.

5. Follow Up Becomes Even MORE Important

More incoming leads means more conversations…

And more promises to sign up.

Which, inevitably means more people to check up on at various stages of the conversation to ensure they actually go ahead with the purchase.

But, the additional time spent in Messenger is worth it.

Put simply:

The more I follow up, the more money I make.

Blatant Pitch

Are you ready to kick-start your affiliate marketing in July?

Or, will you spend another month stuck in the social media VaLuE tRaP…

Desperate to sell an expensive “white elephant” which nobody wants to buy?

There is a better way.

Join my affiliates and I promoting a fresh offer which will continue to pay you on the second tier long after you’ve made a sale.

Drop a #10k in the comments or the Messenger and together we can make it your best month yet!