If you’d asked Keith Everett how to write a book in one month years ago, he’d have thought you were crazy.

My guest in today’s episode confessed to being a teen tearaway and a wannabe playboy in his younger years.

He was also a big risk-taker and almost lost his shirt during his days as a bookmaker, when a rank outsider was a photocall away from costing him big.

Keith first stepped into the world of online business in 2004, after a local newspaper ran a story about an entrepreneur who made money on eBay.

However, his own lucrative diet pill business ended four years later when it was hit by the global recession.

Keen to continue his online journey, Keith switched his attention to blogging and then coaching in the Internet Marketing niche.

Now, he’s a prolific author, publishing one book every single month on Amazon to create that residual, long term income which so many marketers dream about.

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Six:


“If I’m going to do this, I’m going to it without any backup. I’m going to do it so I have to do it. That’s how I’ve been with a lot of things in my life. I’ve not given myself an “out”. I’m just going to do it. Whatever happens”. – Keith Everett

Keith Everett Reveals:

  • How he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in his early teens… only to have somebody show up at his house demanding to see the editor of the newsletter he published.
  • His early days as a bookmaker and how he almost had to pay out £10,000 on an unfancied outsider, saved only by a photo finish.
  • How a local newspaper, known for reporting 12 children squeezing themselves into a telephone box, kick started his online career.
  • How the global recession in 2008 ended his lucrative diet pill business on eBay.
  • How he used blogging as a foundation to become an online coach, helping others to make money online.
  • Why blogging is so important, even during the age of social media, especially if you are a publisher!
  • How he is able to write and publish one book each and every month on Amazon.

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