We’ve just had a scorching Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK.

Which is quite unusual.

More often than not it’s a complete washout.

So, we took advantage of the good weather as a family and spent the past few days going for walks, visiting pubs and enjoying fish and chips at the beach.

Good times all round…

And made even better by the $675 which accumulated in my account over that three day period.

I barely switched on the computer, either.

The sales were all made from the attraction marketing strategies I teach in my Walker Way training program…

Which transforms struggling marketers on social media into attractive affiliates.


I could have stayed indoors like all the other good little “grinders”.

Ignoring the glowing ball of fire in the sky making a rare appearance.

“Doing the work”…

“Keeping my pipeline full”.

If I had, I’d have probably made more money too.

Instead, the only pipeline I experienced was the one which attached the keg to the beer pump at any of the pubs we frequented.

Time well spent.

Thirsty for affiliate marketing success yourself?

Send me a message and The Walker Way will help you quench it!