Mandy Beresford Verboort is an affiliate marketer from the UK.

She has experienced success in the industry as a relative newcomer…

Making over $30,000 in commissions from a single affiliate program.

She’s one of my top affiliates too…

And she made $1,079.22 in a single week, simply by sharing her results on social media.

I was so impressed by this, I even created a case study around her achievement!

However, Mandy’s path to affiliate success was not a straight one.

She lost hundreds of pounds in her first network marketing business…

And around $12,000 on a rogue “high ticket” program where she found herself spending thousands of dollars every week on worthless “upgrades”.

Throw in a tale of kidnap into the mix too…

And we have one heck of an episode you will not want to miss!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Seven:


“Help people. It’s not a hard thing to do” – Mandy Beresford Verboort.

Mandy Beresford Verboort Reveals:

  • The dangerous side of door-to-door sales… Mandy recalls the time she was trapped in a customer’s home and needed to be rescued by a colleague!
  • Her first venture into online business… where she was lumbered with £500 worth of out-of-date make cosmetic products!
  • How Mandy lost $15,000 in a high-ticket problem… and was pressured into spending thousands of dollars per week on ‘upsells’ which did not yield any results.
  • Her unique way of building real credibility and authority in the online marketing industry.
  • Why she prefers ‘organic’ marketing over anything else… and why it doesn’t feel like ‘selling’ at all!
  • How she made over $30,000 promoting a “free” affiliate program… without paying for any advertising!
  • The simple method Mandy used to earn $1,079.22 in commissions in 7 days promoting my Walker Way training program… using just her Facebook profile!

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