Online marketing can be very easy…

It’s marketers who make it difficult.

Here are seven traits of failing marketers I’ve noticed these past few months on social media.

Avoid them religiously unless you want to join them on the digital scrapheap:

1. Marketers who claim to teach you “how to make $10k per month”… when they’re not even making $1k per month.

2. Marketers who unwittingly send their leads to top performers in the same company… I’m sure said leader will gladly mop them up next week too when you link to them again via yet another gushing “team earnings” post.

3. Marketers who demand you “create great content”… but judging by their own output, have no idea what that means.

4. Marketers who interview each other on how to “dominate attraction marketing”… but get about five likes between them.

5. Marketers who made $100 in one day, once… but promote themselves as some kind of $100 PER day money magnet.

6. Marketers who preach authenticity… but are the fakest SOBs I’ve ever had the pleasure to unfriend.

7. Marketers who have unsurprisingly failed at marketing and then claim to outperform Wall Street as Forex traders… before going silent after busting out.

There are probably more…

And I’m sure you recognise at least a couple.


If you agree it’s time to stop the nonsense…

And are desperate to transform those big fat fails into epic wins…

Then get in touch and let me make you my next affiliate marketing success story.

I won’t mention Forex once.

I promise.