If you’re getting into video marketing and want to create YouTube videos faster…

Garry Baker has the solution.

He reveals three things to include in each video to make the creation process a breeze!

Garry turned his back on a 30-year career in IT to pursue his dream of making money online and spend more time at home with his family.

He reveals how he fell into the industry by accident…

While listening to a historical podcast where the host made an unusual, yet compelling offer to his listeners!

Garry now earns a full time income online through coaching, affiliate marketing and podcasting too!

He even made almost $3,000 in two days from my affiliate program…

Without making a single sale himself!

Never has the notion of “money for nothing” been more real!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Eight:


“I want someone to go through my product and know they’re going to get the result that I promised them on the sales page” – Garry Baker.

Garry Baker Reveals:

  • How he fell into the affiliate marketing industry by accident… while listening to a history podcast on his drive to work!
  • How he developed a true understanding of the problems faced by his customer avatar… during his time in the potty training niche – the dollars are in the diapers!
  • The 33 minute method developed by Eugene Schwartz and how it became the backbone of Garry’s online business.
  • How he made almost $3,000 in commissions in just two days… without making a sale himself!
  • The importance of using the most relevant title possible for your YouTube video… to ensure it gets found, watched and acted upon!
  • His “three topic method” to create YouTube videos as quickly as possible… even if you are producing multiple videos per week!
  • How Garry and his co-host are building a hugely engaged, fanatical podcast audience… and plan to take the show on the road!

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