17 long months.

The wait between the last time I took my son, Thomas, to a live Cardiff City football match in March 2020 and us going again over the weekend to celebrate the start of the new season.

Finally, fans were allowed to attend.

We’re slogging it out with 23 other teams in the Championship…

The second tier of English football and arguably the toughest, most competitive league in the world.

Thomas loves it.

And, he often asks me about Cardiff’s first season in the Premier League in 2014 when he was too young to go.

I like to tell him the story of striker Andreas Cornelius:

A strapping lad of 20-years-old and player-of-the-season in his homeland Denmark.

Cardiff shelled out £8 million for his signature and handed him a five-year-contract worth an eye-watering £45,000 per week.

The club banked on him to score the goals to keep them in the top flight.

All their eggs in one basket.

The problem was, Cornelius was unproven in the Premier League…

And turned out to be a gamble which went dreadfully wrong.

I’ve supported Cardiff for almost 30 years and have seen some awful players in my time.

The big Dane is up there with the worst of them.

He was off the pace…

Couldn’t shoot…

Or couldn’t head.

Often injured and completely out of his depth.

Just six months later, Cornelius was sent back to his old club FC Copenhagen…

With millions of pounds of wasted investment written off.

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