I wrote last week about how my post engagement has taken a nose dive of late.

Not so much so for Mike:

“I’m getting 800 likes,” he commented, “but sales are at the same level”.

Without knowing exactly what he meant by “same level” with regards to his sales…

I’ll guess they’re not reflective of the engagement numbers most celebrities would be delighted to receive on a post made here on The Book.

Let alone your average affiliate marketer.

Even if you’re not getting likes at the level Mike is…

You could be routinely pulling in 100+, 200+, even 500+ of them per post.

But, leads and sales remain at a big, fat zero.

Here are three simple steps to fix this mess:

1. Stop posting content just for engagement.

Those 200 “Happy Monday” comments you received on your post today?

They’re not potential customers.

Quit pandering to them.

2. Create content for your customers instead.

An easy way to do this is to call out a problem in your industry…

And then solve it.

Like I’m doing in this post.

3. Use your time productively.

Marketers getting insane like numbers are not casually engaging with the newsfeed for a few minutes…

It’s taking them hours and hours each day.

For no financial return.

Spend less time wishing non-customers a “Good Morning” in the newsfeed…

And more time in the Messenger where the sales are actually made.

Bonus tip:

You can also put a “soft” call to action at the end of every post you make.

Such as, if you’re ready to do something crazy like get fewer likes but make more money on social media…

Then reach out and I’ll hook you up with my free CLOVER Content training.

I share my best six types of post which positions you as an “attractive affiliate” and compels your ideal customer to get in touch with you.

Make today your last “Happy Monday”.