Like many affiliates in the Internet Marketing niche, Matt Channell struggled during the early stages.

As a co-owner of a successful, yet demanding, offline business…

Not to mention enjoying a busy home life with his wife and two young daughters…

He felt he wasn’t maximising the limited time he had each day to work on an online business.

Things changed for Matt when he participated in a Masterclass…

Which gave him both the clarity and speed of progression he craved.

It worked.

In the past 50 days alone, Matt has generated over $8,500 in commissions…

Purely from the content he publishes on social media.

Many have tried to become successful affiliate marketers using this strategy…

But most have failed.

Find out what Matt is doing differently!

Enjoy the Video Version of Episode Nine:


“When you have two hours per night to work on your online business you need to have real clarity. You need to be doing things that are moving the needle, not faffing around with a website, changing colours and fonts” – Matt Channell.

Matt Channell Reveals:

  • What a hiking trip to Nepal taught him about getting out of his comfort zone… and it wasn’t just the lack of toilet facilities!
  • What motivated him to get into online marketing… despite co-owning a successful, multi-million pound offline business and enjoying a busy home life!
  • Why he stopped promoting his first affiliate marketing opportunity… and why it wasn’t as “simple” as it was being advertised!
  • Why he finds it easier to sell a high ticket program compared to a low ticket opportunity… and it has nothing to do with the cost!
  • How he uses his corporate experience of diagnosing the needs of companies… to sell high ticket marketing training organically on social media.
  • How he became more strategic with his marketing content… which lead to making $8.5k in just 50 days!
  • His best advice if you’re struggling to make any headway with organic marketing… and it’s not throwing money at the next shiny training program which comes your way!

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