The Facebook engagement debate rumbles on.

Rob writes:

“I post stuff and NO ONE sees it. Then, I post some dumb thing and Facebook boosts it”.

It can seem that way.

What he’s talking about here, is if he posts something about marketing…

Or money…

His content receives almost zero engagement.

But, if he posts about something stupid…

Like, as he puts it, “a fart”…

Then the post blows up.

So, what’s going on here?

Here’s my take:

Despite the chatterings from all the self-proclaimed social media “experts” on this platform…

Nobody really knows how the algorithm, which decides what posts to show to whom, works.

Therefore, one of two things are happening.


Posts with certain keywords are being penalised…

And are not being put in front of people who are scrolling the newsfeed.


Which I personally believe is more likely…

Is the post is being seen just fine.

Your friends just aren’t engaging with it.

People like what they like.

Stuff which is easy to consume and doesn’t require a lot of:

a) Reading

b) Thinking

c) Writing

So, a fluffy “Happy Wednesday” post will get engagement numbers into the hundreds…

Whereas a post like this will go comparatively unnoticed in terms of likes and comments.

I’m okay with that.

And so should you…

If you’re serious about becoming an attractive affiliate.

You are, aren’t you?

If you are, get in touch and I’ll give you my CLOVER Content training course for free.

It’ll help you create compelling posts which speak to your ideal customer and moves them to contacting you for more information about whatever it is you’re offering.

Rather than you just being wished “Good Morning” a hundred times over in the comments.

At 9pm.