It came as no surprise the latest blockbuster crypto Ponzi disappeared yesterday.

I’m just an observer…

I don’t get involved with them myself.


They’re all scams.

Every single one of them.

They all “work”…

And they all “pay out”.

Until they don’t.

This one was no different…

Apart from the speed it shut down.

Usually you get a good six months or so before the owner vanishes with the money…

Whereas this lasted around two.

Friends who gleefully documented their earnings have since deleted their posts.

Pretending this charade never happened.

Hoping those they suckered in will say no more about their lost cash.

(Even if some of it was refunded).

I wrote at the tail end of last year about how vital credibility in the marketplace will be in 2022.

People still aren’t listening.

The lure of fast, easy money online casts aside all common sense.

“It CaN’t Be A sCaM bEcAuSe ThE oWnEr ApPeArS oN vIdEo…”

Grow up.

Do you really think if some millennial gamer type using an assumed alias was able to crank out a 200% profit every six days from the markets…

He’d tell YOU about it?

Or, would he trade on the quiet and stack the cash?

I know what I’d do.

Time for the Ponzi pushers to try to save face.

A grovelling apology video.

Even a few crocodile tears.

Until the next pie-in-the-sky racket comes along for them to helicopter their referral link in the face of anybody stupid enough to listen to them again.


If you’re sick of the scams.

Fed up of losing money.

And need to stitch together the tatters of what remains of your ruined reputation…

Get in touch for details on how you can build genuine, lead attracting credibility in the online marketing sphere.

Oh, and make some legitimate money while you’re at it too.