Remember when Ashton Kutcher became the first Twitter user to reach one million followers back in 2009?

It turns out he knows a thing or two about leveraging the Internet to make money…

And is nothing like the lovable-but-dumb slacker he often portrays in his forgettable movies.

He was asked by Fast Company magazine what scared him.

His reply:

“When I have a conversation with someone and they say, I’m not worried about monetization yet”.

Celebrities are used to being well compensated for their time.

So should you.

Especially if you’re pouring hours into organic marketing on social media.

Kutcher’s entire strategy to make money online boiled down to this:

He’d leverage his celebrity status to grow a huge social media following and then sell himself as a distribution platform for brands to sell their product to them.

Sound familiar?

He was the first online influencer.

You may not be able to build a list into the millions…

But an organic, fanatical subscriber base of hundreds or thousands is a real possibility on this platform.

And, it’s not just about the numbers, either.

It’s about the relationship you have with them.

Give people a peek behind the curtain…

Just like Kutcher did with his reality web series about the day-to-day running of his company, Katalyst.

Some episodes were a bit goofy, even bordering on the ridiculous…

But it gave fans the level of intimacy they craved.

Kutcher tirelessly promoted his web series.

He knew informing his followers about something once was not enough.

Relentless follow up is the key to success.

It’s why I’m consistent with my content…

And am about to produce a lot more of it.

If it’s good enough for a multi-millionaire Hollywood star…

It’s good enough for me.

So, if you need some help creating attractive marketing content which gets noticed…

Putting it in front of the millions of proven buyers here waiting to consume it…

And finally closing them effortlessly in the Messenger…

Then get in touch for details of my Walker Way training program which shows you, step-by-step, how to do this and more!