A little help for anybody whose high ticket sales have dried up…

Or perhaps didn’t even get off the ground.

Top email marketing expert Ben Settle had the following advice for one of his customers who feared they had exhausted their list after the orders stopped coming in:

“Keep adding new names and direct all focus to list building”.


Plus, it can be applied to social media too.

New contacts keep the sales flowing…

Long after your “warm” audience has gone cold.

Sure, you might have gotten a few commissions from your hottest supporters when you began your high ticket journey.

You may have even been one of those marketers who “smashed out $10k” in their first 30 days.

But now the smoke has cleared…

The sales have ground to a halt.

Even if the “Happy Monday” comments still appear like clockwork.

Where do you go from here?

If you’re relying on organic, social traffic but are not constantly growing your leads list…

Then you’re heading closer to burnout with each piece of content you publish.

Adding the right kind of potential leads to your list is vital.

I.e. those who are proven to spend money to solve their problems rather than the freebie seekers, tire-kickers and day one newbies who don’t know one end of an affiliate link from the other.

You also need to put the right kind of content in front of them for consistent organic sales.

I.e. not the desperate, near-identical “please recognise yourself” sob stories they can read from a hundred other struggling marketers every day in the newsfeed.

If your current organic strategy seems more like a “non-profit” business model…

Then my Walker Way training program can help keep your numbers in the black.

It’ll help you attract new leads…

Come up with endless ideas for new content 99% of your competition wouldn’t dream of publishing…

And also how to close sales comfortably in Messenger without having to go through all that “rapport building” nonsense either.

If this sounds like just the ticket…

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