That’s the only word I can use to describe some of the behaviour going on in the Messenger from wannabes touting for business.

I get it.

We’re all here to make money…

And the Messenger is the tool we have at our disposal to network and do business with other users.

But, it doesn’t mean we should just blunder in and start interrogating new friends within seconds of connecting.

Enter this guy.

A “mindset coach” from the UK, whose time would be better spent having a jolly good think about how he approached people he’d like to extract money from.

Check it out:

“I wondered whether you are making the type of money you’re happy with, or if you’re planning to make more?”

The opening message.


Moments after regrettably accepting his friend request.

Erm, hey, I’m David. Nice to meet you too?

I let him know I wasn’t quite ready to hand over a copy of last year’s accounts but it was nice to connect all the same.

“I completely understand,” he replied.

He didn’t.

“So, you’d say business was going well?”

Calm down.

I don’t discuss the inner workings of my bank account with a complete stranger.

“Again, I understand”.

Again, he didn’t.

“Are you looking to make more money in your business?”

Like a dog with a bone.

Unimpressed by the most obvious of loaded questions…

I politely ruled myself out as a potential customer, unfriended him and put the conversation on ‘ignore’.

Don’t make the same mistakes.

Get in touch and I’ll share the gameplan I use to locate future customers without needing to spend a penny on advertising…

And how to engage with them in the Messenger like a human being.

Then, and only then, if they’re a good fit for whatever it is you have to offer…

You’ll also have the steps to sell to them without coming across like a desperate, empty-calendered “mindset coach” in need of a brain transplant.