Ever think about how minor mistakes can have disastrous consequences?

Take knowing the difference between your left and right for example.

Get them mixed up and the worst that usually happens is you put your shoes on the wrong feet.


Something really goes wrong, like we experienced over the past few days.

About seven weeks ago, we ordered a brand new sofa at a cost of over £2,000…

Fully kitted out with electric recliners and a USB charger at each end.

A right handed corner sofa.

I’m sure you can see where this story is going.

It was supposedly hand-crafted to the highest possible standard by an expert furniture maker.

Let’s call him Billy.

The thing is, Billy doesn’t know his right from his left…

So, upon arrival, the delivery guy assembled a left handed corner sofa which doesn’t fit our living room properly.

The long side is against our short wall and partly blocks the doorway…

And we’ve had to rearrange the TV stand and other furniture to try to accommodate this most schoolboy of errors.

The rooms looks terrible.

But, it’s allegedly getting resolved on Friday so I don’t need to name and shame…


Simple mistakes in online marketing can be catastrophic too.

Like throwing money at a “mentor” who has never experienced any real results other than in their vivid imagination…

Or investing in a program which implodes before you’ve even had a chance to get banned from the affiliate marketing groups for shamelessly spamming your link.

With under two months of 2020 remaining and every penny accounted for with the festive season in mind…

Now is not the time for a marketing muck-up.

Unless you do the right things…

You’re going to get left behind.

Just like Billy did with his brain cells the day he built our sofa.

You know where to find me.