Today is National Be Nasty Day.

I wouldn’t say I’m a nasty person.

I was called “direct” in a previous job.

And, people seem to appreciate my “no nonsense” approach when it comes to the content I publish.

But today, I’ll celebrate my inner nasty.

If I can’t call out the nonsense in the online marketing industry on this day…

And directly insult those involved in such nonsensical behaviour…

Then, when?

So, here goes.

If you’re trying to become an attractive affiliate marketer, but are:

Posting “instantly forgettable content”, like daily motivational quotes or ‘Happy Monday’s’.

Promoting results from successful marketers, but secretly hoping nobody asks about results of your own.

Spending hours wishing everybody a “Good Morning” in the comments on your newsfeed.

Chasing ever-increasing engagement numbers.

Not having sales conversations in the Messenger.

Then you…

Have no credibility in the marketplace.

Are not communicating directly with your target audience.

Are not generating leads.

Are not making sales.

Are going to end up broke, burnt-out and bitter.


That wasn’t as nasty as I’d imagined.

More of an accurate observation.

Backed up by two decades of involvement in the most unforgiving of industries.

If you haven’t unfriended me yet, I’d like to help you turn this mess…

Into success.

Reach out if you want my CLOVER Content training.

In it, I reveal the six types of post I use to attract those organic leads and sales which are painfully eluding you at the moment.

And, I’ll give this to you absolutely free of charge.

That’s my problem…

I’m too nice.