I want to start a new week by talking about Christian.

He’s a recent customer of my Walker Way organic marketing training program.

We had cause for celebration on Friday…

After he made his first commission promoting it as an affiliate.

The sale didn’t come immediately.

It has been a learning process and Christian has had to be patient.

He’s done all the things you know you should do…

But are reluctant to put into practice.

Things like:

Actually implementing the training you’ve paid good money to learn.

Binning the unprofitable content you’ve been publishing which has not lead to sales.

Showing up daily.

Following up diligently with potential leads in the Messenger.

Not giving up after a week or two because people aren’t throwing money at you.

Christian’s persistence has been rewarded…

And he’s off the mark with what will be the first of many sales.

He’s also positioned to earn second tier commissions…

Which means he’ll get paid again every time one of his customers makes a sale of their own.

Over to you.

If your organic marketing efforts are not being rewarded financially at the moment…

Then it sounds like it’s time to do things The Walker Way.

Get in touch with either Christian or I and we’ll be delighted to help you get started.