It’s a phrase I heard often as a child…

Uttered by my father, who was born during the middle of World War II and grew up during a poverty-stricken era in a South Wales mining village.

So, I gave a wry smile when I read this morning that “do you think I’m made of money” topped a poll of the most popular phrases used by cash-conscious fathers here in the UK.

What they say about turning into your father is true.

I too have found myself repeating that and other similar money-orientated phrases, as well as another old chestnut whenever lights are switched on in rooms not being used:

“It’s like Blackpool Illuminations in here!”

(If you’re a friend from outside the UK who has no idea what this is – check out the image!)

It’s not like I can’t afford to pay the leccy bill, either…

But, old habits and all that.

Perhaps watching every penny is what you feel holds you back from online success too…

Whether you’re a day one newbie or somebody who’s been going around in circles for years.

Maybe you cannot afford to pay for traffic to make sales of your own?

I’ll share one of my secrets:

You don’t need to!

Because, to coin another well-worn dad cliché:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

However, it can grow through free, attraction marketing!

So, let’s grow.

If you want an “earn as you learn” solution which helps you build a strong, personal brand and attracts an ever-growing audience who are keen to buy whatever it is you’re offering…

Then make today your illuminating moment.

Reach out and I’ll plug you in.