If you want a job doing…

You almost always have to do it yourself.

As we found out recently.

With the alternating extremes of rain and sunshine we’ve experienced in Wales this past month…

Our garden resembled something out of Jumanji.

Thick grass a foot high…

Abandoned by our previous gardener, who, as he eloquently put it, “got rid of us”, when he reduced his workload at the end of last year.

For weeks we tried in vain to find somebody new to help us out.


Phone calls and texts to prospective gardeners went unreturned.

Others no showed when dates and times were arranged to “have a look”.

We also had a couple of piss-taking quotes like the £50 one chancer gave which could not have been phoned in with a straight face.

You can buy a lawnmower for that price.

So, we did…

And between us, Nicola and I cut the grass ourselves.

It would appear supposed “professionals” in the industry simply don’t want to do the work…

Which I’ve also discovered with a couple of refunds I’ve processed for my Walker Way program.

One genius didn’t want to use social media…

For a program which focuses entirely on making sales via the organic traffic generated from such platforms.

A method clearly stated, several times, in the sales material.

Another didn’t like the fact there was “ongoing work” involved to become successful…

Likely preferring to continue their search for a push-button, fantasy world alternative where money magically materialises if you ask the universe nicely enough.

I have no time for people like this.

The best thing I can do, is leave them to their own failures…

And focus my attention on marketers who are serious about their success.

Marketers like you.

If you’re fed up of being suffocated by weeds whereas other affiliates always seem to come up smelling of roses…

Then it’s time to do things The Walker Way.

My program will transform you from a marketer on the brink of burnout into an attractive affiliate.

Plus, a two-tier affiliate program and weekly coaching and Q&A is the fertilizer which will encourage your business to grow.

Get in touch and I’ll help you get started.