I haven’t posted as much recently.

I’ve been focusing on my new training program.

Beavering away.

In the background.

So, in case you’re wondering…

The new-and-improved Walker Way aims to solve several of the most pressing problems suffered by struggling affiliates on the edge of organic marketing burnout.

Things like:

Where to find hundreds, even thousands of “proven buyers” hidden in plain sight on The Book…

So you can add them as friends rather than the “rogues gallery” of time wasters, scammers and day-one newbies who currently occupy your incoming requests list.

Creating content which speaks to your perfect customer and encourages them to reach out…

And not just leave a dismissive “Happy Monday” in the comments before chucking a month’s salary at Johnny Crypto who tells them what they want to hear.

How to actually close the sale in the Messenger…

Rather than getting ghosted like a casual, one-night stand every time you try to pivot the conversation to your opportunity, or you dance around the topic for so long you get “friend zoned” and the chance of doing any kind of business is lost forever.

This is going to help so many marketers.

The bad news?

It’s not ready to roll out just yet.

I still have two more training modules to complete.

A sales video to record against the stunning backdrop of my home office.

And I need to make sure all the pages work otherwise this entire exercise will be a complete waste of time.

However, you can get FREE access to the content module right now…

Which should keep you going while I get the rest of the good stuff finished.

If you want it…

Leave me a CLOVER in the comments.