Today’s story is from the first day of our holiday to Tenerife in August.

Despite the the title of the post, Nicola and I didn’t go to one of those “adults only” hotels…

Sorry to disappoint.

We had our nine-year-old in tow after all.

Upon arrival, we discovered access to the swimming pool was “difficult”.

Additional “safety measures” had been put in place due to the Virus of Corona…

Which meant you couldn’t just enter the poolside via any one of several gates around it.

Oh no, these were all locked tight.

Instead, you had to exit the complex altogether, descend a flight of steps, walk through a small shopping precinct and eventually enter the poolside via the now-deserted pool bar.

But still, we all had a refreshing dip in the water…

Even if it did take several minutes trekking through the searing heat to get there.

The problems didn’t arise until Nic returned to our apartment, leaving Thomas and I in the pool, taking our keys with her.

After another half an hour or so, we exited the pool area but realised we couldn’t get back into the complex itself.

Dripping wet, Thomas and I wandered around only to find every gate and door was locked.

We even visited my parents apartment in the complex next door (which didn’t have any such security measures in place) to try to call Nic so she could let us back in…

But of course, she wasn’t answering her calls.

As a last resort, I walked along the seafront path trying to figure out which was our balcony with the intention of serenading my beloved to get her attention.

Romeo and Juliet it wasn’t.

Fortunately, she was already on the balcony before I had to sing a note and this whole palaver came to an end.

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